Interpreting Jesus and Atonement – “Big Questions” Workbook


Thanks for following the last nine posts.  And for those of you who’ve corresponded with me about it, thanks for engaging the topic.  “Atonement” has been a big topic of discussion, and I hope you’ve gotten a sense for what I and others believe is at stake.

For anyone who wants to see these things in a simpler format, I’ve designed a “Big Questions” packet.  It does a head-to-head comparison of early church (mostly Nicene) theology vs. high federal Calvinist theology, so you can see the differences.  Included are some discussion questions.  It’s gotten a decent amount of use so far, for which I’m grateful.  Please check it out, discuss it, use it.  Let me know if it’s helpful or not.  It has lots of footnotes so you can chase down books and articles.

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