Atonement Foundations: Temple Sacrifices and a Bloodthirsty God? | The Anástasis Center for Christian Education & Ministry


Here is a list of blog posts dealing with the foundations of medical substitutionary atonement in Scripture, specifically Leviticus and other passages dealing with the sacrificial system.  For a list of blog posts about implications, see this page.

Temple Sacrifices and a Bloodthirsty God?

#1: The Anchor Point of Penal Substitution Theory

 #2: Atonement as Cleansing: Exploring Leviticus

 #3: God as Dialysis Machine and the Day of Atonement

 #4: The Renewal of Life

#5: God as Dialysis Machine: The Sacrificial Calendar as the Renewal of the Covenant and the Retelling of Moses’ Mediation on Mount Sinai (summary table)