Sharing Jesus

Port of Entry at Universal's Islands of Adventure.
Port of Entry at Universal’s Islands of Adventure, Orlando, FL

This is the practical section!  Below you’ll find sample evangelistic conversations about Jesus, and illustrations of Jesus’ achievement in the framework of medical substitutionary atonement.  See more evangelism tools from The Anástasis Center for Christian Education & Ministry such as public displays, an evangelism diagram, training modules, apologetics pieces, and links to other helpful resources.


Adventures in Conversation:

Human Nature Series

 #1: Postmodern Skeptic

#2: Social Activist

#3: Muslim

#4: Evolutionist

#5: Apathetic Dawdler

#6: Academic Activist


Adventures in Conversation:

Good and Evil Series

#1: Been Hurt

#2: Cultural Relativist

#3: Strong Critic


Adventures in Conversation:

Character of God Series

#1: Deist

#2: Wandering Ex-Church Goer 


Illustrations of Jesus’ Atonement

#1 Jesus Heals Human Evil By Being Both Surgeon and Patient


#2 Jesus, Harry Potter, and Medical Substitutionary Atonement


#3 Frodo and the Destruction of the One Ring, Jesus and the Destruction of Human Sinfulness


#4 Jesus Saves Us from the Toxins Within – My Kidney Story


#5 Jesus, the Heart Transplant Donor, and Denzel Washington’s Movie “John Q”